The Author

Riccardo LeonHello there. I’m Riccardo, with two Cs (because I am Italian.) Like many others, drawing had always been my passion, especially comics, because art is nothing without a story to tell. And I’m gay, and as many kids of pre-internet-for-everybody-era I was deeply fascinated by the masculine and right (but also bad) heroes of comics and TV shows. The phenomenon is called sexploitation but I’m not sure about that.

My disappointment was, once grown-up, that the only openly gay characters in fiction were troubled boys attempting various ways of suicide or rich married men screwing the troubled boys  (approximately of the same age of their children) in their second homes. Movies with a bitter taste suggesting that being gay or being related with a gay guy leads to a way of endless and overly dramatic tragedies, deceptions, brief and intense passion, and most of all boring and pointless dialogues on the sense of life for a modern middle man and nature of love.

Better a well-made rather than a well-filled head.

Michel de Montaigne.

Back to the point, the idea of The Hunter emerged in my mind for the pure necessity of matching my admiration for archetypal heroes (and heroic villains), the glamour of fantasy and empathy for homosexual and bisexual characters. Yep, I know that there are a bunch of non-heterosexual characters in DC and Marvel Comics and some TV fictions, but they are almost never main characters and usually sad and melancholic guys suffering their sexual orientation.

My target was to create no-heterosexual heroes living their feelings and relationship in a clear and transparent way, with no worries about social integration or meaning of life. Mostly because they have no time for that: they must save their tribe and the whole known-world by the plans of Maze’s Mages of Atlantis Empire.


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